Supporting Stand Base for Benro 3/8″ Monopod DSLR Camera

I like my monopod because it’s enough for my shooting habit. However I’ve been troubled by its stability and inconvenience. With the purchase of Andoer’s Three-Legged Supporting Base, my problem was solved.

Supporting Stand Base

It’s small and light-weighted with a total height of 121mm when folded, really easy to carry around.

Supporting Stand BaseSupporting Stand Base

This stand is compatible with any monopod with 3/8″ screw.

Supporting Stand Base

Many designs to eusure the stability and security of your camera such as rubber feet and screws on different parts.

Supporting Stand Base

Upgrade your monopod to a more useful and stable supporting with Andoer’s Three-Legged Supporting Base

Please order quickly through: Andoer Supporting Base!!!

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