Sport Action Camera SOOCOO S33WS WiFi 1080P 16MP Waterproof

Sport Action Camera Introduction

After having spent hundreds of hours to test different Sport Action Cameras , I can confidently to say this  SOOCOO brand one is nearly perfect for you. You may not be familiar with action cameras, but don’t worry, you would probably fall in love with this action camera.

Sport Action Camera

What is the difference between the ordinary camera and this SOOCOO action camera? First of all, let’s think about its resolutions. This camera has 16MP pixels with 1.5 inch screen. It is very clear to record and watch.

Sport Action Camera Great Shooting Angle

Compared to ordinary ones, the biggest difference is shooting angle. In short, SOOCOO action camera is more used as a self-motion camera. In this case, sports participants themselves can be either photographer or shot object. In contract the ordinary camera is very difficult to shoot individual sports actions.  You can install it in a special place, such as on a surfboard, so the motion video camera can shoot the picture that is closer to the movement itself. The SOOCOO action camera has 150 degree wide angle. Sounds great and attractive yeah ? I am sure you will be amazed by every adventure.

Sport Action Camera

Sport Action Camera Multi-Usage

Action cameras are more used for skiing, surfing, extreme biking, skydiving and other extreme sports. Sports camera also have many properties that ordinary ones don’t have: waterproof, shock resistance, heat resistance. These are all important parameters of action cameras. Waterproof function allows you to take sea photos underwater down to 30 meters. Diving or swimming activities all can be recorded.

Sport Action CameraSport Action Camera

Moreover, it can be fixed on your laptop. It also can be used on WIFI. Its storage cards can up to 32 GB. The action camera also has a variety of video recording formats for you to choice. Does it very practical? Why not own it now ? This Sport Action Camera will be yours.

Sport Action CameraSport Action Camera

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