Speedlight Flash for Nikon SHANNY SN910EX-RF with Wireless Radio

Today, I will introduce you our SN910EX-RF Speedlight Flash. For a photographic lovers. This speedlight flash Nikon must be your favorite.

Speedlight Flash
SN910EX-RF Speedlight Flash is the first wireless radio transmission rt system speedlight for nikon cameras in the world. It has powerful functions that you can take high quality pictures.

Speedlight Flash

SN910EX-RF Speedlight Flash has wireless radio master function and slave function, can be used as on-camera master unit and remote slave unit of RT system. It also supports high-speed sync, the maximum shutter sync is up to 1/8000s.

Speedlight Flash

The speedlite with high index supports TTL/ M/ Multi flashing modes. SN910EX-RF Speedlight Flash has multiple flash groups, Add standard pc port, you can make the flash synchronously by connecting to the PC port.

Speedlight Flash

It supports multiple trigger modes, and it can be triggered through the set-top of camera, 2.4G wireless triggering, S1 and S2 basic optic slave modes. The wireless triggering distance can reach up to 100m, better to meet your needs.

Speedlight Flash
How useful it is! You can get it that just enjoy your photography life.

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