How To Start A Business With A 3D Printer

We all know that without a good direction, it is difficult to start a business and make money. When you want to invest in a technology or product, you must first consider whether it has a real market. If there is no market, you will definitely not be able to make money. If there is a market, there is of course a chance to make money. Nowadays, the 3D printing industry is developing rapidly. It is obvious to all. There must be a market for this industry. So today we will discuss how to use 3D printers to start a business and make money.
You can make money, first consider a few points:

1. I don’t understand how to make money in this industry.

2. Who are the competitors?

3. Why should customers buy the 3D printing products you provide?

4. What problems can you help customers solve?


You have to learn to use 3D printers thoroughly and use slicing software to add parameters. It is best to be proficient in using modeling software, which can also give you an extra financial avenue, and you can sell your own creative model files on the 3D printing website.

You can also do some small business with a 3D printer.

1. Help to print prototype models, like accessories, etc.

2. Make some decorative small objects and sell them online.

3. Open a small shop and print 3D models.

4. Open a 3D printed portrait gallery. This will be more difficult. First of all, you have to be able to model, and preferably with a 3D scanner.

If the printer is not enough, and then the funds are not enough, you can consider renting some 3D printers when you cannot buy the machine. It is best to find some well-known brands with guaranteed quality.

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