H528W LED Video Light Aputure Amaran CRI95+ 528

Today, I will intruduce you`our H528W LED Video Light. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the biggest characteristic of it. Now, it is accepted by most of people.

This H528W LED Video Light has high color rendering leds, the beam angle is 75 degree. The light will give you a feeling of soft. It has high quality for consumers that has long lifespan bulbs, working as long as 100,000 hours. You have no worry about appearence of light, slim design will let you fall in love with it.

Our H528W LED Video Light has efficient heat dissipation without noise. When you sleep with it, you will feel comfortable. High efficiency, energy saving and low power consumption must be your best choice. It also has dual power supply system and intelligent changing. There will be more convenient in your life.

For convenient lamp bracket and other connecting devices. We arrange with 1/4″ slot in several sides. It is also portable for carrying all the components with a delicate bag.

In order to energy conservation and environmental protection life, our H528W LED Video Light must be your best choice.

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