Godox Mini Master K-150A Studio Strobe

Godox Mini Master K-150A Studio Strobe is a necessity for photographers who have a higher standard for photos. You can use it for many photographing and shooting occasions.

Comparatively  speaking, this Studio  Strobe is reasonable in price and good in quality. Being reliable it can support any studio umbrella. It is compact and powerful.

Above all, the key components and parts in the Godox Mini Master K-150A Studio Strobe have been well checked and chosen. For example, the power switch and the test button are easy to press. The charging LED indicator works when it is charging. The mounting bracket can be adjusted to meet your demand.

Accompanied with Godox K-150A Studio Strobe, there is a modeling lamp, a power cord and a instruction manual.

Please order quickly through:  Studio Strobe Compact Flash Lamp!!

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