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Nowadays, more and more people choose to use video to record their lives. After all, video can provide richer details than simple photos, and restore the current scene in the most realistic way. Speaking of life records, after all, it is convenient and fast. Professional cameras and SLRs, although they are better in terms of picture quality, it is difficult to shoot at any time with their huge body. Mobile phone shooting is the most convenient, but the human hand is not a machine, after all, it will inevitably shake, and often after the shooting, the screen will shake and look dizzy. Setting up a mobile phone gimbal stabilizer can solve this problem, but there is an extra device that needs to be taken out and installed every time it is used, which is also troublesome. Use a sports camera to record, the boxy shape is uncomfortable to hold. The emergence of Feiyu Pocket Camera perfectly solved this problem.


The compact and exquisite body. When I picked up the Feiyu Pocket Camera for the first time, I was really shocked by its compact body. Compared with the imaging digital products I have now, Feiyu Pocket Camera is the smallest in size. Any stabilizer or sports camera looks huge and heavy in front of it. The weight of only 115g is lighter than iPhone 6.

The three-dimensional size of Feiyu Pocket Camera is 40.5*30*124.5mm. Basically it can be seen that it is about the same size as a large lipstick. It gave me a strong sense of unreality when I first started it, with such a small size, it comes with a three-axis stable mechanical gimbal, can it also shoot 4K 60 frames video? The answer is of course yes. In terms of overall structure design, Feiyu Pocket Camera is divided into two parts, the is upper camera and gimbal, and the lower is handle. The gimbal part is similar to our common cameras and mobile phone stabilizers, which can achieve three-axis stabilization of the pan axis, roll axis, and pitch axis, with a camera in the middle. The design of the handle part is very simple, with a 1.3-inch touch screen, a start and end button, a mode switch button, and a side power switch. Most of the operations can be quickly switched or started to end by clicking the physical button, which improves the shooting efficiency. More detailed settings can be made through the touch screen.


In order to reduce weight, the handle part of Feiyu Pocket Camera is made of plastic material, and the slightly frosted feel increases the holding stability to a certain extent. The overall workmanship is fairly exquisite, but it will inevitably become a fingerprint collector. A 1/3 standard interface is provided at the bottom, so there is no need to purchase other special accessories. Basically, accessories that can be used with other SLR cameras and sports cameras can be directly connected to Feiyu Pocket Camera to expand the gameplay. It is worth mentioning that Feiyu Pocket Camera comes with an anti-lost wrist strap and a special protective cover, which can improve the protection of the Feiyu Pocket Camera to a greater extent, and finally, you are not afraid of such a small thing accidentally slipping and falling to the ground.

Convenient to use, the core of Feiyu Pocket Camera is to take pictures and record anytime, anywhere. In terms of size and weight, Feiyu Pocket Camera has given us a satisfactory answer. So what will be the experience in use? Feiyu Pocket Camera starts quickly! Take out the pocket, press the power switch, the gimbal will automatically return to the center and start the video recording. A series of operations are completed in about 2 to 3 seconds. I dare not say too much, I have used many brands of sports cameras. Every time I turn on and start recording, I always have to wait for a while, not to mention that if you use a gimbal stabilizer with a camera or mobile phone to shoot, there is a process of installation and leveling. Feiyu Pocket Camera can be said to be the fastest in all these shooting devices. Feiyu Pocket Camera also has a three-axis pan-tilt automatic leveling program, which greatly improves the possibility and success rate of capturing.

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