Digital Picture Frame Andoer 15” HD TFT-LCD 1024*768

Digital Picture Frame Introduction

Everything is digital now, even memories, but not everyone is thrilled about it. Even though you can look at photos on your phone, your computer and television, still you may save some room in your life for more tangible mementos. This digital photo frame is just a great option for such purposes.

digital picture frame

Digital Picture Frame High Quality Display

It is a nice middle ground between traditional photo displays and purely digital picture collections stored in your phone or computer. With it, you can display hundreds of your favorite photos without the clutter that comes with sharing a large collection of printed photos. It can also be a great way to share photos with a grandma, or anyone who may not see them on social media.

digital picture frame

Meanwhile, this frame does not require you to reorganize your photos in any way if you prefer not to. You can share photo groups from existing, organized resources like Facebook, Dropbox, Shutterfly and others. It can play video clips in addition to stills, and you can add background music to go along with the visuals. The photos can be enlarged or reduced with rotating 90°,180°,and 270°. Also, it can adjust the photos’ showing speed and automatic playback, super cool.  Better yet, it comes with a remote control for much easier operation.

digital picture frame

Digital Picture Frame High Power Efficiency

One drawback of some frames is their use of electricity. Although relatively small, an electronic frame is just one more device that can expand your power bill. But this digital photo frame can cut consumption with motion sensors or sleep timers so that the frame is not exhibiting photos to an empty room at all hours of the day and night. Free yourselves from the hustle and bustle of life, and change the mood, we sometimes need to create and recall some precious, warm and sweet memories.


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