Budget digital camcorder RICH® 1080P 20MP $54

Budget digital camcorder RICH® Introduction

Like other budget digital camcorder brands Andoer or ORDRO, RICH is also a young enterprise that focuses on producing all-round low price camcorders. Also RICH brand is very suitable for video recording beginners because we found the brand nearly covers all the basic functions for home or outdoor activities purposes. Budget digital camcorder RICH’s price is also in the $50 club, just like ORDRO Budget digital camcorder. Here we gonna discuss and test the budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800 model with technological insights.

Budget digital camcorder

Budget digital camcorder RICH® User Experience

After tested we found that the minimum configuration of laptops or computers when connecting to the budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800 is pentium processor with at least 2.0 GHz. Also we could not connect this Budget digital camcorder HD-800 to system that is lower than Windows XP version.  We could easily see lots of functions buttons on the budget digital camcorder’s appearance. LED fill light and remote control receive window are just around the lens circles. For the back side of the camcorder, we found output connectivity interface for TV, USB and HDMI. Overall this budget digital camcorder is easy to set up, but you should be careful with format of your memory card before insert it into the recorder. We found the 100V to 240V with 50 to 60 HZ battery size fits perfect for the this camcorder, otherwise would decrease battery life.

Budget digital camcorder

After turned on the budget digital camcorder, we could easily see many indicator signs on the LCD screen for video recording or photo shooting modes. Indicators include REC mode, scene mode, LED fill-in light function, zoom functions, exposure and white balance functions. LED fill-in light and Zoom functions can be worked both for video recording and photo shooting modes. When shooting we could found photo details like scene icon, image quality etc on the LCD screen. During our test we accidentally delete some photos and videos on memory card, but unfortunately we failed to recover all of them.

Budget digital camcorder

The budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800 package we received also includes a remote controller just in case if you need family group photo or other similar occasions. Overall the remote controller is easy to use since it has lots of basic keys on it: photo shooting, fill-in light, leftward, playback, video recording, zoom or zoom out ones. However, you need to let the transmitting terminal of the remote controller aims right at the receive window on the camcorder. Otherwise some delay may occurred in connection.

Budget digital camcorder

Budget digital camcorder RICH® Technological Features Overview

Budget digital camcorder HD-800 has 1080p video resolution and its camera resolution can be reached up to 20MP. In contrast famous brands like Toshiba or Panasonic normally have less than 20MP, or even below 16MP for camera resolution.  Generally most of digital camcorders in the market have at least 1080p Full HD display quality. The LCD screen size of budget digital camcorder HD-800 is 3 inches, just like the majority of digital camcorders, and the main body of budget digital camcorder HD-800 includes battery installed is around 300 g. For those professional camcorders designed for experienced players, additional lens may be required so increase total weight over 350 or even 400 g. Battery life of RICH HD-800 budget digital camcorder is around 1.5 hours if without lots of video recording time. This battery feature is better than Panasonic HC-2850 series , but worse than Toshiba Camileo X416 model. Like many of famous brands, budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800 has one slot for memory card and HDMI available. Other main features such as image stabilizer, face detection and fill-in light for night or dark use are also designed for budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800. Finally, the price of budget digital camcorder HD-800 is really low, which is just a few dollars over $50 ! So you can see RICH’s price is only around one-third of Toshiba’s price !

Below is a detailed form for technological comparison among budget digital camcorder RICH HD-800, Toshiba and Panasonic.

***Reminder*** These forms can be enlarged in separate windows by double clicking.

Budget digital camcorder

Budget digital camcorder

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